I took some time today to reflect on my past 11 years on the board, 10 plus as President and CEO. I have seen and have dealt with tough issues both financial and project wise as it relates to our association. Since I have been on the board we have had two previous management companies that didn’t provide everything we needed. We did make progress on some fronts by getting our finances back in order and on the right track to move forward even though we were stymied by the recession during the George W Bush years which effected everyone. There were many other issues that we weren’t able to really get a handle on due to the relationships of prior management companies. PMP did get assist us in making better progress but even their efforts fell short. When we switched to HOA Organizers we finally found a management company that 1. Listens to us, 2 Works with us, 3, Cares about our association, 4, Has a great team that works together and supports each other and 5. Enables us to get things done in a constructive and professional manner.

My philosophy as President and CEO of 7800 Club Management Association is to ensure that as a Board we protect the investments of our owners, provide a safe and secure place to live, respond to issues in a timely fashion and make sound decisions in regards to the work that needs to get done, prioritization of the work, taking care of emergency issues quickly and efficiently and ensure that we have sound policies, rules and regulations that can be effectively enforced. This means that we use every possible and legal avenues to get the issues before us addressed and resolved and minimize delays at all costs. We have the ability to use emergency email meetings to make critical decisions before the next meeting as to not delay decisions. We can ill afford to have board members refuse to utilize the emergency email meetings just because they don’t like them. We have to put our personal preferences aside and do what is right and proper for the Association.

As a result of years of neglect and inaction by prior boards and management companies we have been saddled with allot of work that needs to be accomplished to get the foundation of this Association back to where it needs to be. Financially we are much better than we were 12 years ago with no reserves to speak of and very little in the way of operating funds. It is imperative on this board and future boards that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past but learn from them and do the right things in the right way. We have taken a big step in that regard by reviewing our current policy dealing with flood damage. We can no longer afford to pay for everyone’s upgrades, we must insist that all owners carry homeowners insurance and engage them when flooding does occur, we must insist that all owner report any flooding immediately to the management company so that a proper and thorough investigation can be done to determine the cause of the leak and the responsible parties, we also need to make it clear that any flooding not reported but was repaired in whole or partially by the owner that the Association has no responsibility at that point to get involved as a result of the damaged area being compromised which prohibits a full and impartial analysis of the problem. The policy that will be drawn up by our legal team will assist us in this endeavor. Other areas that we need to look at will take large sums of funding and we need to explore all avenues open to us to acquire that funding.

As you can see we have allot to do and if we work together (Board and Management Company) we can get it accomplished.

Both Leslie and I were talking after the open house last Sunday and we are very impressed by HOA Organizer, what they have to offer and the work ethic that is wonderfully promoted by Neda. This is something this Association has needed for along time. Hiring HOA Organizers was the best decision we have made by far and we are glad we did.

Looking forward to many years of collaboration.

Best Regards

Steven A. Weiss
7800 Club Management Association

I've been working with HOA Organizers for close to 4 years now and have been truly impressed by the attentiveness that their team members give to their communities. Whether you are working with individual managers such as Marcia Coppola, Drew Coppola, Matt Meadors, Alissa McMurrin, or Helen Cook; or even the president Neda Nehouray, you will find yourself in good hands to handle all your association's needs. Let's face it, there is no such example where a company is perfect at all times; what really matters is how they structure their service to limit such instances, and how they take ownership to rectify obstacles while keeping a smile on their face. Great Company!

Allan L.

I am one of HOA Organizer's vendors. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with this company! Their property managers are extremely knowledgeable and regularly attend educational seminars to broaden their scope of work. Neda, the owner, has volunteered in several industry functions to give education and develop new and existing managers; she has a wealth of knowledge!!! This company has a quick response time and handles tough situations with ease and professionalism. I am lucky to work closely with a company who has their vendor's best interest in mind, while ultimately doing the best for the Board's and their community!! Thank you to all their managers!

Julia G.

I was the President of the Leadwell HOA for nine years, a 195 unit complex, and recently became the President of California Place HOA, a complex with 212 units, so I believe my recommendation matters. I have worked with many property management companies over the years and HOA Organizers is the best property management company that I have worked with. Neda, the owner of HOA Organizers, runs a very good property management company and I believe that they will do a good job managing any property.

Tal B.